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Cleaning Guardian is a raiSe member and have been helping many aunties and uncles to return to the work force.

Below is an interview with one of our beneficiary.

• Madam Tan is a single mum whom has brought up 2 sons and one of them has down syndrome.

• She is currently staying in a 3 room flat with a household income less than $3,000 per month.

• Madam Tan is one of the beneficiary from Cleaning Guardian. She has re-entered into the job market and she has regained her self-confidence. Now she has a permanent job with a stable income. Her worksite is a stone throw away from her house. She is now back to work after 2 years break and she is now financially independent again.

• We seek the support of our client, we keep her working hours being staggered into 2 shifts so that she enjoys 4 hours break in between so that it keeps her less exhausted to work through the entire 8 hours.

• The company has assisted in getting financial subsidies from the government and we have allowed her with extra annual leaves so that she can take care of her son after his eye operation.

• In Cleaning Guardian, all of us work like a big family with limitless care and concern. Because we are a Social Enterprise being a member of raISE Enterprise.

If your corporation requires any cleaning service with a social impact, please feel free to connect with us via whatsapp (+65 9298 3670).

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