About Us

Creating cleaner, healthier, safer environments for our customers wherever they are at home, at work, or at leisure.

We Serve You
Putting our customers’ needs at the forefront of everything.
We delight our clients.

We Care for You
Committing to a safe workplace filled with opportunity.
Being there when our customers and communities need us the most.  

We Deliver our Best
Following through on our commitments to customers, partners and each other.
Being accountable for our results.

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Providing residential, floor, carpet and sofa and aircon cleaning services to homes. Auntie Can! Can! provides customized residential cleaning services throughout a network all over Singapore…

House Cleaning
Living/Family Rooms:
Specialty House Cleaning Services
Sofa Cleaning
Aircon cleaning services
Scope of work for Aircon Cleaning:
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Make sure your business is putting its best foot forward with a clean and professional look. MagicWONDER CLEAN provides commercial cleaning services to a variety of businesses, from general office buildings to car dealer showrooms and more.
Let us come in and do the dirty work so you can concentrate on running your business…

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Butler Premium

Butlers are employed for the rich and royal in households for centuries. We are one of the prime service providers pampering our premium clients with this exclusive service.
Our butlers will serve you with our specially selected flower tea, followed by assisting you with all the household chores.
After having a butler around, you may wonder how you ever managed without one. Polite, very trained and always at your service.
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The HSE Guardians from Cleaning Guardian are are extremely professional and friendly.


I am impressed by their organic enzymes, made in-house. The flooring are extremely clean and no more oily feeling when I step into the kitchen.


They are fast and furious. They completed the entire spotless cleaning in less than 3 hours. Thumbs up to Cleaning Guardian.


The HSE Guardian conducted a Risk Assessment for my office and trained my office regarding Office Safety. I am impressed for the extra miles delivered. No one does cleaning like Cleaning Guardian. We will recommend their services to my friends.


Extremely professional. They even teach me DIY cleaning methods to keep my kitchenware clean. Now they all “Shine like a Diamond”.


Cleaning Guradian uses new cleaning and scientific cleaning methods. They beat all the traditional cleaning companies.