what people say

The HSE Guardians from Cleaning Guardian are are extremely professional and friendly.

Andy Tan / Customer

I am impressed by their organic enzymes, made in-house. The flooring are extremely clean and no more oily feeling when I step into the kitchen.

Jenny Teo / Customer

They are fast and furious. They completed the entire spotless cleaning in less than 3 hours. Thumbs up to Cleaning Guardian.

Mr Ting / Customer

The HSE Guardian conducted a Risk Assessment for my office and trained my office regarding Office Safety. I am impressed for the extra miles delivered. No one does cleaning like Cleaning Guardian. We will recommend their services to my friends.

Anna Sim / Customer

Extremely professional. They even teach me DIY  cleaning methods to keep my kitchenware clean. Now they all “Shine like a Diamond”.

Emma Rachael / Customer

Cleaning Guradian uses new cleaning and scientific cleaning methods. They beat all the traditional cleaning companies.

Jack Chan / Customer