Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Make sure your business is putting its best foot forward with a clean and professional look. MagicWONDER CLEAN provides commercial cleaning services to a variety of businesses, from general office buildings to car dealer showrooms and more. Let us come in and do the dirty work so you can concentrate on running your business.

We provide business cleaning services for:

Office buildings: Keeping an office environment clean helps keep workers healthy and productive. Since each business is different, we will customize the cleaning to your needs, whether you have conference rooms for client use, large windows, or employee cubicles.
Schools and day-cares: There are thousands of germs that live in schools and day-cares. Making sure the facility is kept clean will keep the kids and staff healthier and safer.
Restaurants: A clean restaurant is essential to its success. From the dining room to the restrooms, MagicWONDER CLEAN will keep the space looking and smelling clean.
Banks and other professional buildings: Clean windows, clean floors, and dust free surfaces in lobbies and entrance ways make professional buildings look the part.

Our commercial cleaning services include:

Probatics Cleaning

Kitchen and breakroom cleaning

Trash removal

Daily vacuuming and carpet care

Hard floor surface maintenance and cleaning

General dusting

Window cleaning

Office system cleaning

Cleaning of entrances and lobbies


We will work with you to set up a cleaning schedule that works for your business, whether it’s overnight cleaning or cleaning during the day. Daily, weekly, or even monthly schedules are available. Make sure your work environment is clean, so you can provide a healthy workspace for employees and a spotless environment for customers and clients.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows are something that your clients and customers don’t think about unless they see dirty windows. MagicWONDER CLEAN provides commercial window cleaning, so you don’t have to think about it either. Make a great first impression by keeping your building looking clean and professional with clean windows that sparkle both inside and out.

Why Choose MagicWONDER CLEAN?

Using a professional cleaning company will help to protect your business and your investment. We are fully licensed and insured with the experience necessary to clean safely.

Office Cleaning

Make sure your office makes a great impression on clients, customers, and more with the commercial office cleaning services from MagicWONDER CLEAN. We will customize the cleaning process to fit your needs and your space to ensure that your facility is always looking its best. Our office cleaning services include:

General Dusting and Surface Cleaning

We will go through and dust bookshelves, desks, and other furniture as well as wipe down surfaces to keep them free of debris. This also includes window washing both inside and out. Clean windows help to give your office space a professional look and feel.

Office Systems Cleaning

Clean phones and keyboards are an important part of keeping your employees healthy. We’ll also make sure your elevator buttons, water fountains, and other public areas are cleaned and sanitized.

Floor Cleaning

Whether your office is carpeted or has a hard surface floor, we will make sure it’s clean. We regularly vacuum carpets to help extend their life, and we mop and shine hard floors, using professional grade floor cleaning supplies.

Restroom Cleaning

We clean and disinfect bathrooms on a regular basis to make sure your employees have a clean space. Professional cleaning products make the difference when it comes to bacteria. The frequently touched areas such as the faucets and towel dispensers get our special attention.

Waste Removal

We empty the individual office trash cans each to keep the office space looking neat and tidy. We will also remove trash from the bathrooms and other general areas in the office on a regular basis.
Set up a cleaning schedule that works for your business, whether it is one day a week or five days a week.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

No matter how many employees you have, MagicWONDER CLEAN can work with you to develop a program to address your daily, weekly, and monthly professional cleaning needs. Welcome guests with entrances and lobbies that have bright, glistening doors and windows, spotless surfaces, and a neat reception area. As soon as they arrive, you will make a good first impression that will last all the way to the board room. With proper hard floor surface maintenance and daily carpet care, we’ll make sure all your high-traffic public areas like hallways and stairwells are safe and inviting.
Offices, workstations, and conference rooms are where most of each day’s activity can be found and keeping them free of dirt and germs is essential to employee health and well-being. From dusting to waste removal, MagicWONDER CLEAN will keep your workplace spotless. Your employees will notice the attention to detail we give to every single desk, cabinet, and chair. Our teams are trained to properly clean office system equipment from desktop items to large printers, which will keep you and your team efficient and productive. In shared, commonly used areas such as breakrooms and restrooms, keeping a clean, sanitary space is of the utmost importance. To stop odours, maintain excellent indoor air quality, and make sure workplace health hazards steer clear, you’ll find our sanitization services to be superior and effective throughout the office building.

MagicWONDER CLEAN janitorial services include:

Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services

Office system cleaning

Dusting and window washing

Waste removal

Daily carpet care

Hard surface floor maintenance and cleaning

Entrance and lobby cleaning

Sanitization programs